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Welcome to the Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! New Programs starting now:

Program (1) High Level Chen Tai Chi Skills Seminar on 02/25/2015
-- presented by Hu-Guang, an early disciple of Grandmaster Chen-Xiaowang. He has significant experience training both the military and police in China in the real-life applications of Chen Tai Chi. The seminar is 2.5 hours and consists mainly of:

  • Chen Xiao Wang's training method which uses the diaphragm as the center
  • The 8 types of tai-chi concepts that represent themselves in push-hands
  • Internal energy and its relationship with silk reelling
  • "push-hands" vs. "push weight"
  • Time: 02/25/2015 7:00-9:30pm
  • Location: 4832 Riverton Ave North Hollywood CA 91601
  • Write us back so we can get your name on the list and reserve your spot!

Program [2] A highly focused training program, using 6 sessions to finish the Chen style Tai Chi new frame (XinJia: www.chen-taiji-la.com) fist set.

  • Meet on every other Saturday, 10:00-12:00am and 2:00-5:00pm
  • Participants must have Tai Chi experience or have some other Martial Arts background
  • Class location: Burbank
  • Fee: Call for details
  • Write us back and let us know what your schedule looks like so we can figure out the best schedule for everyone

Program [3] General Chen style Tai Chi beginning class

  • Will start in March, every Wed & Fri 7:30 - 8:30pm
  • Learn traditional Chen Tai Chi old frame fist set
  • Location: 4832 Riverton Ave North Hollywood CA 91601
  • Fee: $100/per month. -- Please email or text to reserve you spot. qichen@chen-taiji-la.com 626-991-9985

Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Centerforums and blogs coming soon. New curriculum available online. Click here to view the latest draft.

Please check the schedule as there has been a lot of new and interesting changes in what the Los Angeles Tai chi Center offers! Also, Forms Lists have been added to the programs section, as well as a more detailed curriculum for the Tai Chi as Martial Art Program..

20-Sep-2009. There is a new Wednesday night class in North Hollywood! The time there will be sent on Internal Energy Fundamentals the first hour and form practice the second. Please see the Schedule section for more details. We also have added many more testimonials to the Testimonials page. I would definitely recommend reading everyone's unique opinion of Master Qichen Guo's teachings. The Demos section finally has footage of Qichen Guo performing the Old Frame, First Form, excellent for learning. Finally, the Videos section has a TV interview with Qichen Guo available to watch. It is conducted fully in Chinese.

New Site Design!
Welcome to the brand new Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center Website. If you had seen the previous site, you can tell that the whole site has been completely revamped with a new design! A new design is not all, in addition to the new look there is a slew of new resources available on the site. The programs section more accurately describes the curriculum used to teach Tai Chi at the center. Testimonials. A collection of new video demonstrations by Master Qichen Guo, an excellent learning resource. Such video resources are hard to find on any tai chi school website. New articles, pictures, videos... look around, there's a lot to see! Please check back often as now all changes in the Center's programs, schedule or website will be directly updated in the News section of this website.

In addition to consistent updates, look for the website to have more features added over the course of the year as well. In the future, we are planning an email newsletter with Los Angeles Chen Tai Chi Center news, articles, and tai chi information, as well as other features. If there is any feature or anything else you would like to see on the site, or any problems currently, please email the webmaster.

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